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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Letter To My Mom

Its officially Mother's Day but we aren't going to be celebrating it until tomorrow since Andrew needs to work today. But we have big plans for tomorrow as a family and I can hardly wait!

So I thought I would take this opportunity to write a letter to my own mother and thank her for all the wonderful things she is and has done.

At my college graduation in 2008

Dear Mom,

   :: Thank you for carrying me for nine months.
   :: Thank you for having the courage to have tons of kids, thereby giving me so many siblings to love (and fight with).
   :: Thank you for giving up so much of yourself to stay home and take care of the house and us children.
   :: Thank you for sitting with me in the kitchen when I was about 8 years old and was scared of The Land Before Time and couldn't finish watching it with the rest of the family.
   :: Thank you for putting up with me through my teenage years and the hormones that went with it.
   :: Thank you for taking me out for ice cream even when I failed my driving road test (the first time).
   :: Thank you for taking me car shopping for my first car.
   :: Thank you for making each holiday growing up so special.
   :: Thank you for giving me an appreciation for a good sale or clearance.
   :: Thank you for taking me out to lunch at Olive Garden on my 18th birthday.
   :: Thank you for teaching me proper values and standards to live by just by your being a good example.
   :: Thank you for crying at my college graduation. It may me feel so appreciated.
   :: Thank you for cooking delicious meals even when times were tough.
   :: Thank you for pushing me to establish goals for my life even when I was mad at you for doing so.
   :: Thank you for teaching me how to sew.
   :: Thank you for showing me how to play War when I was sick with chicken pox.
   :: Thank you for training me how to go on the potty. I can't tell you how many times that's come in handy.
   :: Thank you for teaching me not to be paranoid about minor scrapes and boo boos.
   :: Thank you for admonishing me with "What Would Jesus Do?" even when it was really annoying.
   :: Thank you for being available when I need(ed) a shoulder to cry or lean on.
   :: Thank you for being the person who knows a little bit about everything so I always had someone to go to for the answer.
   :: Thank you for loving my child(ren).
   :: Thank you for being outgoing and such a people person.
   :: Thank you for not forcing me to eat things I really don't like (like cooked oatmeal and coconut).
   :: Thank you for letting me learn from my mistakes but being there to help pick me up and try again.
   :: Thank you for all the little things that I can't even begin to realize you did that made our house a home and our lives so blessed.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you.

Your daughter,

~ Hannah Lamb


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