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Monday, May 07, 2012

Fancy Seeing You Again 5am

This past Saturday morning saw dark skies and the complete sound of silence upon waking. Can you even call 4:45 am morning yet? Isn't it still considered the middle of the night?

Well whichever it is, morning or...pre-morning, Lily decided that that hour was the perfect time to wake up for the day. No amount of convincing would make her go back to sleep. So after after an hour of trying I finally gave in and let her get up.

I don't know how I made it till 9 am, but I did with Andrew's help the last hour or so when he finally woke up. He suggested I lay down so I did while he got on the computer in the bedroom and Lily sat in bed next to me looking through her "Jesus book," aka her children's Bible. I don't think 5 minutes had passed when I woke up all of a sudden and looked at the bed next to me. There was a tiny little girl laying there fast asleep clutching "Jesus" to her. She never sleeps anywhere but her crib or bed so this was a treat. Unfortunately she decided to pass out laying horizontally across the bed thereby pushing me to the edge. But I wasn't about to wake her up. We ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours like that.

I haven't seen that time of day since Lily was a newborn. Now I'm reminded that I'm probably going to be seeing more of it than I wish too very soon. Ah well. At least the babies we make are cute so its worth it. :)



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