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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Screen Free Week

Monday, April 30 - Sunday, May 6 is Screen Free Week and for the first time I've decided to participate. The decision was made in large part because we have been watching way too much TV for the past several days since all three of us have been sick with colds and stuck in the house. I think its going to be a good idea for Lily to have a break from Curious George and for me to lay off using the laptop for a while. I don't know if Andrew will go along with it, especially when it comes to cutting back on computer time, but I'll ask him about it tonight.

Instead of turning off all screens permanently for the week though, I'm going to modify it somewhat to accommodate my situation. You see since I live at least 1500 miles from my closest immediate family I use social media such as Facebook to keep in touch. And since there are so many of them its cheaper...and less time consuming...than calling each person even once a week.

This is my plan. No Netflix, movies or Youtube for Lily all week. Lily's the only person who watches anything during the day so the TV shouldn't have to be on at all during the hours when she's up. Now when it comes to Andrew and I watching TV we usually turn it on once she goes to bed about 8 pm and watch something on Netflix or cable...usually HGTV. The only show we do watch regularly is Mad Men which comes on AMC on Sunday nights at 10. We watched it tonight and I'm sure we'll watch it next week as well. But I'm going to cut back on the mindless, habitual TV watching on weekday evenings while sitting on the couch with my laptop in hand.

As for computer use, I have a bad habit of getting on it first thing in the morning and checking it in between cleaning, cooking and taking care of Lily. Its turned into a bit of an obsession I'll admit. So here's the plan. I'm not going to get on it until Lily goes to bed at night. And then only to check my Facebook, email and blogs quickly and then it goes off. This means less posting on here but I think I can deal with that. Or the posts will just be shorter so I'm not spending too much time on the computer and can spend it with my husband instead.

Cell phones and iPods and such aren't much of an issue since I don't talk on the ever. I barely even text any more. And since Lily threw our iPod in the trash (we're pretty sure that's where it disappeared to), well that's something I won't have to deal with...looking on the bright side.

So there you have it. My torturous brilliant plan to start getting us as a family unaddicted (Is that even a word? My spell checker didn't like it.) to technology and "plugged" into life. Ha ha. Just call me Punny Hannah. ;)

Now for some ideas of what to do with that all that free time. Some of these are to do with Lily when she's up during the day and others are for the afternoon and evening time once she's in bed. This is just for starters too. Feel free to suggest ideas in the comment section!

:: Read books
:: Play in the kiddie pool
:: Finger painting
:: Make homemade play dough
:: Work on my cross stitch
:: Practice my photography (that's the only screen that I will NOT be giving up!)
:: Work on my scrap-booking
:: Bake something
:: Listen to music (hmmmm, I may have to turn on the computer to do this one since we don't currently have a CD player)
:: Take walks around the neighborhood
:: Go to the park/playground
:: Play with chalk in the driveway
:: Color pictures
:: Make blanket forts
:: Play with blocks/Legos
:: Finish sewing/craft projects
:: Give ourselves pedicures

Wish me luck!


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