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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Owl and the Star

Today I let Lily watch Youtube while I was getting dinner ready. I started a playlist for her months ago and I add new videos to it when we come across some that she we like (Puppies playing in the yard to the sounds of Metallica? I don't think so). 

She was cranky and its difficult to get anything done when you have a sniffly, crying toddler requesting you to pick her up every 5 minutes and nurse her whenever she sees you take a second to sit down. On the other hand, she has become so cuddly recently. And its not just because she's developing a cold. For the past few weeks whenever you pick her up she lays her down on your shoulder, says "hug" and wraps her tiny, little arms around your neck. And she'll even let me hold her in my lap with her head on my chest while we watch Curious George. 

I don't know how long this affectionate spell will last so I'm really enjoying it while I can. Even when I need to get dinner started cause I'm starving and this pregnant mama needs to eat! Like now! 

So enter Youtube, that wonderful creation of man that lets you create a list of videos that play one after the other so you don't have to leave the kitchen to click to play the next video every 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Now if they could only get rid of those pesky commercials. Lily has a low tolerance for them and therefore so do I. 

This is currently Lily's favorite video. The only problem is, while she gets very excited and points out everything the owl and star are doing..."Ho'din' hands! Ow' f'yin'! Fun!"...she gets very distressed at the end of the video when the owl leaves to go back to his tree (Yes, apparently in my mind the owl is a boy). So distressed in fact, that her mouth goes from smiling to trembling within seconds. Usually I'm right there to explain that the owl has to go home now but they'll play again later. She's ok with that and I'm able to prevent an avalanche of tears. Not that I've ever seen her actually cry over it...until today. I heard "Bye Ow', Bye Star, Ni' Nite" from in the kitchen but I didn't make it to her in time and pretty soon she was sobbing her little heart out. It probably didn't help that I had accidentally closed the fridge door on her a few minutes prior to her watching the video...hhhmmm...

I'm thinking of taking the video off the list except she asks for it out of the blue sometimes. Oh well. I'll just have to continue making up explanations like, "The owl has to go to bed now and they have to say goodbye, but they'll play again tomorrow!" to my sensitive little girl. It really does make her happy to watch it. 


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