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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Purchases

Several weeks ago Lily and I were in Michael's getting a few supplies to make some of these which I found on Pinterest of course. While meandering around the store something caught Lily's eye and she just had to "hode it!" It was the cutest little ceramic piggy bank that was pastel pink with big white polka dots.

Lily is obsessed with piggy banks or just pigs as she calls them. Cause that's what they are right? Pigs. So I let her have hold only...for a few minutes while I finished selecting what I needed.

Now, for those of you who have toddlers, you know that the words "ok, we have to put it back now" don't go over very well in the world of the smaller set. Let's just say she got in some good practice with a few words she's learned recently, "mine" being one of them.

When I went to put it back I noticed that there was a blue one and better yet they were on clearance for $1.19 down from $3.99. I just couldn't resist. So I got both. Lily was very happy.


Then I realized, its the first thing I've purchased for the little guy. Which of course reminded me of the first thing I purchased for Lily:


I got it at Old Navy and I paid full price for it. But it was tiny and pretty, the only two requirements in my book. :)

What was the first item you purchased/made for your child/children?


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