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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Baby Update: We Have a Name!


Last night Andrew and I were sitting all comfy and cozy on the couch watching House Hunters or Property Virgin's or something on HGTV. He turns to me out of the blue and asks me the meaning of a certain name we have on our baby name list. This is the same list we started just a few days ago. It has 8 names on it and I typed it out while we were watching Take Home Chef one evening. Andrew started out by suggesting a name he noticed on a show we watch and then we added to it by googling "old fashioned boys names" and "traditional English names." Girls names come to us like that (visualize me snapping my fingers) but we are at a loss when it comes to boys names. Up until starting the list we'd only talked about baby names maybe once or twice and never seriously. I figured it was going to take us a while to come up with a name but I wasn't too worried. I didn't figure we'd have one by now at 23 weeks along and both the first and middle name to boot!

So anyway, after telling Andrew what the name meant, he must have thought about it for a while because a bit later he asks me what I think of the name. I realized I really liked it. Its uncommon but not weird. Its traditional but not fuddy duddy.

We both just kind of looked at each other and smiled. We had our name! I went to bed a very happy girl. Laying in bed last night I got thinking about middle names. When we named Lily we gave her a family name for a middle name. Well...sorta. Andrew wanted to honor his paternal grandmother and use her name which was Stella. I didn't really think Lillian Stella Eroh flowed very well. So we thought about it and argued discussed it over the next few months. About a week or two before my due date, it suddenly came to me one evening. Estelle. So she became Lillian Estelle. It was perfect.

This time around its my turn to chose the middle name. Its kind of a lot of pressure. I started thinking about all the men on my side of the family and then I remembered a name that we had come up with when we first found out we were pregnant and then promptly forgot about. I can't go into too much detail because some family members read this blog and we're keeping the name a secret till the day he's born and in our arms. But I will tell you that it is...perfect. I was so excited about it that I got out of bed and padded out to the living room to tell Andrew. He's been sleeping on the couch since his surgery last week because its easier to get off the couch to go the bathroom and such than it is to climb over your wife to get out of bed. He grinned and said that its perfect!

So, going with the apparent word of the day, everything is perfect!


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