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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Baby Update: It's A...


Yes people, we have joined Team Blue! This is (almost) a foreign concept to me. I know girls very well. Having grown up with 8 sisters and having 4 nieces and a daughter of my own, I am well in tune with all things "sugar and spice and everything nice." As my Dad said, when I told him on the phone yesterday morning what we are having, "A little boy, what's that?!" ;)

I say "almost" a foreign concept because I do have 2 brothers somewhere in that mix of estrogen. They're now 20 and 14 years old so its been a while since I've had to change a little boy diaper or help the bath. Ha ha! I think that's the only thing at this point that's throwing me for a loop. There's one (small) thing to consider when you have a boy. Do you circumcise or not? And if you don't circumcise, how do you handle hygiene? Ah well, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Andrew may have a little insight into this matter too considering he is a guy after all. :)

Well I'll be on here later to post some Photo-A-Day pictures to catch up from the weekend. In the meantime I'm off to research football, Tonka trucks and bugs.


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