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Friday, February 03, 2012

Baby Update: Countdown to The Big Reveal

I am so excited I can barely stand it! I even told the hubby exactly that while we were lying in bed in the dark half asleep around midnight last night. And why am I excited you ask? We have our ultrasound this coming Monday morning. That ultrasound. The one you look forward to from the moment you see those two small lines on the pregnancy test. I finally have an idea of what I think this one is. I didn't for the first several months. I'd vacillate between "Its a girl. Of course its going to be another girl. Look at my family, we only produce girls!" to "Hmmm. Things seem a little different this time and there was that dream I had the other night where we had a baby boy and even named him!" I'm not going to say what gender I think this baby is, I'll save that for Monday when we find out (hopefully this kid cooperates). I'll be honest though whether I was right or wrong. :)

Can I just say it again? I am so excited!


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