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Monday, October 03, 2011

October Goals

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The other day I grabbed a pen and paper to write down a few goals I'd like to accomplish this month and then I was like - why not blog about it?! That's one of the reasons I started this thing isn't it? To have a place to keep track of great ideas instead of losing them to the ever growing pile of papers on my desk? Hmmm...maybe that should be one of my goals...get rid of pile on desk...

Anyway, here is my list of goals. It seems rather ambitious even to me but if I can accomplish even half of them I'll be a happy girl.

1. Have a date night 2x this month

2. Create a budget and stick to it

3. Walk around the lake at least 2x a week

4. Finish a craft project

5. Start couponing...for real

6. Wash dishes every day

7. Start recycling

8. Get dressed every day

9. Cut back on sweets

10. Read my Bible every day

I feel I should clarify a couple of these for those who are like "huh, what does she mean by that?"

#5 - I've tried coupons in the past albeit in small quantities that didn't amount to much savings at all. And that's where I'll be changing it up this time. No more using a coupon here and there. I'm going all Extreme Couponing on their heinys. Gonna save me some big dough.

#8 - I do wear clothes every day...I don't strut around the house in the nude a la Terry Bradshaw in "Failure to Launch". :) I just need a little motivation sometimes to take a shower and wear something besides yoga pants and a t-shirt all day. And do my hair. And put on make up. Well maybe not that last one since I rarely ever wear it except for special occasions.

Do you have goals you set for yourself every month? Maybe every year? Do you meet them all?


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