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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nighttime Confessions


I'm going to say something that most of my mom friends are going to call me crazy for saying. I love nighttime nursing. I'll admit I wouldn't have said that up until a month or two ago but now that Lily's no longer waking up every hour on the hour, it's actually a restful and soothing experience. Our midnight (or 2 or 4 am) sessions allow me a moment to savor the nursing experience temporarily free from the usual toddler antics of hair pulling, eye gouging and run by snacking. For a few short minutes a couple times a night I'm awarded the privilege of holding a soft, warm baby close in my arms as we quietly snuggle and rock together in the glider.

Over the past few months we've fallen into a routine and it works for us. Upon hearing her first cry I'm up and out of bed and traipsing the few feet to her bedroom. She is sitting up in her crib furiously rubbing at her eyes and fussing. I pick her up and settle us in the glider. She latches on right away and splays herself out in my arms octopus style. At this point I either lay my head back and reflect on the feel of her in my arms or I just stare at her by the light of her Ikea Spoka nightlight. A few minutes later she pulls herself off me and arches backwards in a stretch, her cue for me to put her back in her crib. Once settled back in her crib she rolls over and goes back to sleep. Only I don't think she ever really was awake. She does all this with her eyes closed.

I know the day will arrive that she will no longer need my services to get back to sleep but I'm enjoying our after dark "nursies" for as long as possible. Its true what they say: "They grow up so fast."


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